People who consume tomatoes at least 2 times a week are less exposed to cancer, we mention here: lung, prostate, breast, liver, colon cancer. Tomato is a plant whose grains are used as dish, salad, juice etc.

It contains many nutrients for the body such as vitamin C, vitamin A and lycopene, which is found in bulk and is an excellent antioxidant. Lycopene is a very good protector against UV rays. A study found that lycopene protects against prostate cancer. Tomato juice exerts a great influence on the healing of infected wounds as well as chronic ulcers. It also acts on cardiovascular diseases. Tomato affects the cure of mild rheumatic forms. It also has healing properties for nephritis, arthritis and constipation. After Vitamin C and antioxidants, recent discoveries to prevent cancer put the emphasis on glycopene, which is the main ingredient in tomatoes. You all know that olive oil is good for health, but if combined with tomato it becomes even more powerful. In a 2000 study, tomatoes with sunflower oil and tomatoes with olive oil were experimented. From this study it was concluded that olive oil increased the antioxidant activity of lycopene in tomatoes, while no effect was seen in sunflower oil. “There are a number of food combinations, including bruschetta, salad with tomatoes and olive oil or wholemeal pasta with tomato sauce and olive oil,” says Sass. Consumption of 10 tomatoes a week reduces the risk of disease by 60%. Tomato juice is a super drink as it contains antioxidants, strengthens immunity, reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer and keeps you away from the risk of heart disease.