Balfin Group

With its beginnings in 1993, Balfin Group is one of the most successful and most important businesses in Albania and one of the most active Groups in South East Europe.

All the companies, part of Balfin Group, represent a success story in itself, being the leader of the relevant sector. As the Group is always on the implementation of innovative ideas, it is creating successful businesses but also offering the Albanian and regional markets a solid benchmark to be followed. Today, Balfin Group is also considered one of the few Albanian businesses that have managed to be successful and competitive even outside the country.

Our Core Values

Partnershipwe are your partner
We make our strongest contribution through collaboration and trusting relationships. By sharing ideas, resources, goals and objectives we make each other better and achieve the best possible results. By contributing with our expertise, professionalism, experience and capitals we provide solid foundations to our partnerships and guarantee success. We are clear in our business strategies and we will share best practices gained from successful local and international accomplished projects across many industries. All Balfin Group companies and Partners benefit from the synergy and mutual exchange of experiences.

DiversityWe strive to diversify and be innovative
At Balfin Group, through our diversity we drive innovation and creativity in all aspects of our business. We achieve better results by preparing for the future, by taking risks, by learning from our experience and finding new ways to do things better. Present across many industries, we are enthusiastic about continues growth through new projects and partnerships, through our passion and attention to details. Thanks to the successful investments in new and innovative ideas we have transformed and revolutionized the market and consumer behavior in the industries where we operate. Balfin Group is under continuous development by getting involved in different areas of the economy, growing and expanding geographically too.

Considerationwe care
We treat our staff, our partners and our customers with respect, honesty and fairness. We value the opinion of our staff, our partners and our customers; we engage them in the decision making. Through a number of practices, we encourage different perspectives, promote and recognize high performance. We do our best to stay connected and engaged through the open exchange of ideas with our partners and Group Companies. Believing in our staff and our partners, recognizing their feedback and contribution facilities our way of growing further.

We are accountable
We do what we say, completely accountable and ethical. We have always shown maximum responsibility and respect for employees, partners, customers and local communities where our companies operate. Balfin Group applies specific strategies to improve the conditions of local communities by increasing employment and by supporting projects aimed at economical and social development. In any of our investments, we are very careful towards the impacts on the environment and the communities. This is our commitment, not only for the present but also for future generations.