Who we are

Agrocon Albania is an Albanian private company which develops its activity in the field of agriculture. Such activities consist in the production of fresh vegetables in greenhouses and open fields, as well as wholesale of fresh vegetables destined mainly for export, but also for the Albanian market.

The company was established in 2013 and the year 2016 is the first year of producing and marketing activity.

Agrocon Albania is one of the largest producing farms in Albania with a total area of around 30 Ha. The farm is situated in the area of Krutje, in Ngurrez e Vogel village, Lushnje, District of Fier, located in one of the most fertile areas of Albania. During the last year Agrocon Albania became one of the most prominent producers of the area.

The farm has a production area of 28.42 Ha, in which 10 Ha of Gothic type greenhouses are invested with state of the art construction technology, 13 ha of open field and 5 ha where tunnels for the growth of strawberries are to be built.

Agrocon Albania Sh.pk has further invested (10 Ha) in the climatic system and (28 ha) in the irrigation system, in agricultural mechanics, agricultural treatment inputs and agricultural staff, turning the farm into one of the most modernized and completed farms with supporting logistics in the country.

The diversity of investment and the diligence shown for the growth of fresh produce, has made Agrocon Albania to be the only company producing fresh vegetables certified by Global Gap standards (GGN 4056186669025). Certification according to Global Gap standards has enabled the expansion of markets in which the products are exported, such as Germany, Austria, Netherlands, etc. One of the company’s goals is to meet the standards for providing safe products for each culture that is going to be produced.

Thanks to investments in supporting logistics, since February 2017, the collecting process of farmers’ produce of the area has started, thus transforming itself into a strategic point of the area for the production and distribution of fresh vegetables for export.

Agrocon Albania Sh.p.k is part of Balfin group, one of the largest investment groups in Albania and one of the largest in the region, continuing the success of investing in strategic sectors of national development. Balfin group has also been considered one of the few Albanian businesses having been able to be successful and competitive even outside Albania with investments in over 10 countries.

Our vision
To be the leading provider of fresh vegetables and fruit in the foreign and domestic market.

Our mission
To provide our customers with the best products and to enhance the return on investment shareholder.