Support for agriculture, Vlahutin: it will be up to 160 million Euro


During the last 4 years the program of support for agriculture and rural development, has financed investment in agriculture and agro-processing in the amount of 4.5 million euro. There are a total of 78 farmers and agro-processing businesses that have benefited from grants of the European Union and the German government.

At the program closing ceremony, the Ambassador of the European Union, Romana Vlahutin, said the support fund for agriculture in the next four years can go up to 160 million Euros.

“The European Union has planned 71 million for agricultural and rural development in Albania by 2020. But perhaps not everyone’s knowledge, this amount can go up to 160 million Euros, if we include the co-financings from the Albanian government. This is an extraordinary opportunity for the agricultural sector in Albania. We expect to support over 600 projects and create over 2700 jobs, particularly among young people, “said Vlahutin.

The Minister of Agriculture, Edmond Panariti, said that this project has been especially important to increase the capacity of the administration and for the Albanians farmer to attract EU funds.

“This project has been very helpful for enhancing our capacity and to learn by doing. We are ready for the accreditation process, which will give access to a grant of 91 million Euros from the European Union. We are optimistic that we will increase the opportunities to attract funds in order to develop agriculture and food processing, “said Panariti.

Albanian institutions that will manage the IPARD agricultural support scheme are in the process of accreditation by the European Commission. Only after the conclusion of this process, the Ministry of Agriculture, under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance, will manage the grant scheme of the European Union for agricultural development.