The company has invested in the construction of a modern farm in a total land area of 28.42 hectares and has developed a 5-year investment.
This investment comes as a part of the 90-year contractual commitment of Argrocon Albania with the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Management.

The greenhouses are located in the Krutje area of Lushnje. It is a flat area with warm climates of rare hoarfrost and maze but convenient earth with great opportunities for irrigation. The area is favorable and fulfills the environmental requirements such as air temperature, soil temperature, air and ground humidity, light, ventilation, carbon dioxide gas, wind, etc. It is known as the most fertile soil in Albania, with high production quality o fruits and vegetables

By having these extraordinary conditions, the construction of solar greenhouses enjoys advantages such as:

  • About 300 days of sunshine a year
  • 1,430 mm average rainfall per year
  • The average annual temperature is 15°C
  • The average temperature of the coldest month, (January) is 10°C
  • The average temperature of the hottest month, (July) is 25°C