Agrocon Albania – The Pride of Offering Superior Quality

The year 2016 has been an excellent time for Agrocon Albania. It provided special quality products, certified by the highest standards and rich in nutritional value. The vegetables grown with special care by Agrocon Albania are very much sought after not only from Eastern and Central Europe, but also from other Western countries markets as well. Yet, this is not the only reason why 2016 was a prosperous year for the delicious products of Agrocon Albania. Although the year is not over, the massive greenhouse of 30 hectares located in Krutje, Lushnja about 80 km from Tirana, the capital of Albania, is exceeding all expectations. It has quickly transformed into an undisputable success story in Albania’s agriculture. At first Agrocon produced 90 tons of Triunfo F1 cucumber, then tasteful high quality melon quantities followed in the market to satisfy the consumers and pushed Agrocson towards even higher ladder of success. Agrocon is now the first company in Albania certified with the highest standard of quality on food safety and quality, namely GlobalGAP. Autumn is the season of the harvest, reaping the reward of hard work. The season has just begun, yet Agrocon Albania is ready to serve great quantities and qualities of vegetables and fruits to eager markets. Everybody at Agrocon Albania is very passionate about growing and harvesting the best of carefully selected seeds and crops. Starting from October until December 2016, the company will harvest its crops successfully offering high quality and competitive prices. The mission of delivering qualitative products and the best prices has paid off. Agrocon’s products are in high demand in local and foreign markets. These products are rich in nutritional value, an aspect to which all educated consumers pay great attention. Agrocon Albania is also very careful in providing the best attention for the packaging of its products, which can be safely delivered to the end -users and retail traders. The most significant news is that Agrocon Albania has been awarded with the GlobalGAP GGN: 4056186669025 certificate for the production and export of fruits and vegetables. GlobalGAP is a set of farm standards dedicated to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

Through certification, AgroCon demonstrates its adherence to GLOBAL G.A.P. standards and bio-natural processes, which represent the real pride of the company. Agrocon is now eyeing the production of Agro 420 tomato variety with an extraordinary commercial value. The company expects a return of about 400 tons of tomatoes that will be certified according to GlobalGap at the end of October. The Agrocon Albania director of sales, Roland Kadiu states for AgroWeb that the certification obtained has given a huge boost to the export sales potential and has attracted significant attention from the existing and new markets prompting new partners that seek cooperation. “The Triunpho F1 and Charisma cucumbers that Agrocon produces are highly reputable in foreign markets and the demand has always been on the rise. The same is valid for the Agro420 tomato”, mentions Roland Kadiu. Agrocon Albania is a real driving force in the field of agriculture in Albania and it is continuing to invest in its product value chain. The GlobalGAP certificate, its massive 2700 square meter warehouse and the use of the latest technology make Agrocon the ultimate provider of all sale operators in Albania and abroad. These market operators consider Agrocon Albania as a reliable, solid and sustainable business partner. The superior quality and the highest standards promptly enabled Agrocon to launch massive exports to Central and Eastern European markets and even in Western European markets as well. Tomatoes, AgroCon Albania’s Golden Products The fully matured, dazzling red and ripe tomatoes will be ready for harvest from October 15th to the end of December. Agrocon expects a yield of 400 tons of Agro420 type of tomato. This is one of the most required varieties of tomatoes in the market. A single tomato of this variety weights about 200 to 220 grams and is fully rich in vitamins and minerals.

The French call it ‘pomme d’amour’ (love apple), Italian ‘pomodoro’ (golden apple). Same description is used in several areas of Albania as well. Tomatoes are one of the most important fruits of our daily basket. Due to their high quality, Agrocon Albania’s Golden Apples will soon carry on the well-deserved crown of GlobalGAP certificate. Meanwhile, Agrocon Albania has already produced about 500 tons of cucumbers from the Triunpho F1 variety already certified by GlobalGap and 100 tons from Charisma variety. The company won’t stop here. They are already planning January’s crop by preparing 10 new hectares of modern greenhouses as an addition to the existing ones.

The European and Albanian market are in serious demand for products that are safe and qualitative, but above all for those products that are certified by GlobalGAP. Agrocon Albania’s products are great representatives of Albania’s identity brand in Europe and in the whole world.

Agrocon Albania, is part of Balfin Group, one of the largest private investment groups in Albania and region.

AgroWeb 12 Tetor 2016