Agrocon Albania hits a new milestone – The Global GAp certification of Myzeqe tomato

Tomatoes, Agrocon

It is called the Albanian Quality Queen and so it has been awarded in dozens of international fairs. Before and after the ’90s it has been heralded as the Albanian product that never loses value. Hats off to Myzeqe tomatoes, currently at its best moment in the local and export markets. One of its better quality varieties is grown right in the Agrocon Albania farm and it represents the next success of this prestigious farm, which markets the famously named Myzeqe Tomatoes. With a very high quality and really competitive price, this product has become one of the most wanted in the market. The nutritional qualities as well as the care shown from growing until packaging, enables the product offering to be ready for the final consumers retail trading. Agrocon is in fulfillment of the provision towards full production of 350 tons of Agro420 CS Tomato, one of the most requested and highest quality varieties. One tomato of this variety reaches a weight of 200 to 220 grams, a size of 57-67 mm in diameter and carries a load full of natural vitamins and minerals. The success of this production was recently crowned with the status of Global Gap certification for the production and export of this vegetable to the European markets. The Global GAP certification has given a great impetus to Agrocon Albania Company’s volume of exports, sparking interest not only from existing markets, but also by a wave of new partners. This type of investment is an innovation for the agricultural sector in Albania, in accordance with the highest parameters of the European Union with all the modern technological conditions required. Agrocon Albania, within the first year of production exported 90 tons of fresh cucumbers towards not only the Central and Eastern Europe, but also to Western markets. In early June 2016, it proceeded with the first batch of 90 tons of Argos melons. In addition, after the GlobalGAP certified tomatoes, the cucumber production forecast of Agrocon Albania includes about 45 tons of Triunpho F1 variety and 90 tons of Charisma variety cucumbers.

Exports: Albanian tomatoes, the most desired

Tomatoes, Agrocon

If we will refer to the quantity of exported products, vegetables are queens of our lands. Albanian agriculture, one of the country’s leading sectors, has registered significant growth in the first half of the year, with the value of exports of agricultural, livestock and food processing products. According to data released by the Ministry of Agriculture referring first six months of 2016, Agricultural exports grew by 27% compared to the same period of the previous year. With over 57.000 tons earmarked for export in 2015 compared to 34.000 in 2014, Albanian tomatoes continue to increase their role as the Ambassador of ‘Made in Albania’ products and of the excellence of quality around the world. According to the figures published by the Ministry of Agriculture, exports increased by 30% in 2015, in annual terms. Representatives of Agrocon Albania confirms this excellent trend. The export of agricultural products is dominated from the medicinal herbs with a value 3.5 billion ALL, followed by vegetables 2.1 billion. Tomatoes are the most exported vegetables with 1.49 billion ALL, compared with 800 million during previous year.

Global GAP certification – Key requirement for export boost

Tomatoes, Agrocon

Agrocon is one of the firs Albanian agribusinesses awarded with GlobalGAP certification for their products. Global GAP certification is geared toward bringing farmers and retailers together to produce safe and sustainable products for consumers. Adhering to EU standards is pivotal for the agriculture sector as an extremely important source of income for Albania. Many products from Albania to date cannot penetrate this huge potential market EU has to offer because the lack of safety certification. Rich farmland, warm weather, mild climate and fertile soil make Albania an ideal source of natural production. The agriculture sector is undergoing a rapid positive evolution. High quality and international certification are added values of Agrocon products, which gives Albania the pride of offering superior quality in EU and international market. Agrocon Albania, is part of Balfin Group, one of the largest private investment groups in Albania and region.